The Steiner Scenics Armourers was founded in 1996. Its members either have been working in the film industry for more than twenty years, or have spent many years at security organizations and special military forces. The majority of the members and contributors work in military training, shooting and manufacture of arms also on top of shooting time. Members of the staff usually speak more than one language: direct communication makes the discussion of tasks in international films easier in English, German, Russian and Polish.

Our chief profile includes weapon- and pyrotechnology for film making and theatres. We also undertake arranging fireworks. Moreover, we plan and give an expert opinion on tasks in connection to these fields, and provide professional cast and equipment. In relation to this, our enterprise offers a wide range of the most modern firearms, cold steel and chopping weapons of older times. Besides, we accept tasks of every kind of part-time work in film making and translation of screenplays as well.

"Well-done work costs just the same" is being our philosophy. In accordance with this, we possibly take part constructively in the shaping of the action film scenes trying to implement the conceptions and requirements of the directors. We reckon that our task is not confined to call the attention of the creators to the limitations of the possibilities, but to find the ways of satisfying their demands.

As weapon- and pyrotechnology, the different special effects and the tasks of the stunt men are closely connected; we also undertake coordination, direction and financial organization of tasks in these fields, with the help of our partners. We have developed a tight cooperation with the "Merlet" stunt men enterprise from Prague who occupy a position of recognized authority in international film industry. They have already provided a great number of contributors and trainers of the cast for many world-famous films so far. Their Hungarian representative is our enterprise, the Steiner Scenics Armourers SFX Kft. More information about their activities and references can be found on their home pages: the www.merlet.cz, and the www.filmarmourer.com.

By developing our services we would like to work for the satisfaction of our clients similarly to the structure of the international film industry.

Iván Steiner, the manager of the enterprise was born in 1958 and has been working in film making since 1976. Previously, he undertook work as a stunt man, producer and entrance exam interviewer. Since the foundation of the enterprise, he has been working as weapon and pyrotechnist and scene designer. He acquired a HRM certificate specialized in Home affairs. Since 1971 he is a rifleman. He has a proficiency qualification in German and an intermediate one in English. Beside the film making, he works in developing weapons and armoury trade.

The reshaping and manufacturing of weapons for directorial demands are made by our weapon craftsmen who are professionally well-known experts in the country having years of international experience.

Our outside contributors help solving the various tasks on shootings of films. The majority of them are presently or have been earlier members of some armed body. Their experiences can serve as a great help in the setting and acting of scenes. It is crucial for the security of the shootings that the special tasks should either possibly be carried out by professional actors, or they should train the actors.


Steiner Iván - key technician, armourer and pyrotechnician, managing director
Tel: 0036706763162
Email: steiner.i@steinerscenics.hu
Farkas József - mechanical engineer
Burján Attila - gun shop
Tel: 0036703976337
Győrfi László - armourer and pyrotechnician
Tel: 0036707745705
Molnár Balázs - jr. armourer and pyrotechnician, armament technician, gunsmith, armourer
Tel: 0036703205045
Email: fegyvermuhely@steinerscenics.hu
Sárközi Károly - armament technician, pyrotechnician
Tel: 0036203770294
Zerkovits Miklós - armourer, personal security trainer
Támcsu Tibor - armourer, personal security trainer
La Lee - personal protection expert

TE.: +36 70 676 3162 +36 70 320 5045, INFO@STEINERSCENICS.HU
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